About the Artist

I approach my painting in the same way I approach my yoga practice. When I get on my mat, I leave behind my daily life for a while. It is the same when I sit down to my art table. I suppose I would call this my art practice. It involves focus, mindfulness, awareness, liberation from competing thoughts.


Painting is my meditation. I let go of the distractions in order to dive into the here and now and create whatever wants to be created in that moment.


Watercolor batik is a resist method using melted wax and watercolors on Kinwashi rice paper. It is not an exact science, but it involves a lot of experimentation on my part. As I play around with layers of wax and paint, I create patterns of splatters, drips and blobs. End results vary and are not guaranteed, but that is the thrill of watercolor batik.


I welcome the challenge of not knowing exactly how a painting will turn out. I like to experiment with tools, techniques, new ideas. “What would happen if…?” is the question I enjoy asking myself often. It is the constant puzzle that drives the evolution of my craft.


My pieces typically display bright colors and sometimes geometric shapes interplaying with the contrast of  dark lines and light areas. Even though they are batiks, I like to make them resemble block prints. I’m inspired by the beauty and joy I find in nature.

Here are a few pictures from my Featured Artist opening reception, Peace: Our True Nature. It was a good turn out--I had lots of fun talking with visitors and friends. I'd like to thank my friends and family for coming out to support me:-)  

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